Free stuff and some R&R music

As always there are too many ideas in my head, stuff I want to learn, books and blogs I want to read, things I want to share with others. When there’s too much going on it becomes more difficult to write about any of those, but I’m trying to become more organized so I’ll do my best to post regularly and more often, whenever I have something to say.

I’ve found some really cool free online magazines about BSD operating systems and hacking:

This was a great find for me and apparently both of them just recently became free online magazines. To get a new issue each month all they’re asking is for you to subscribe to their newsletter. It’s always nice to get some free stuff especially when it’s a quality monthly magazine. I’m very fond of BSD operating systems especially FreeBSD. Even though I’m not using it as my primary OS I believe it’s an all round great system not just for servers but also as a desktop OS. I remember when I first tried it (maybe 8 years ago) I was very impressed by the simplicity of it compared to the linux distros of that time. Everything is in its place, the FreeBSD ports system is awesome and you can get a handbook that gets you started and helps you perform all the common tasks that you might want to do. I just realised that I sound like a fanatic, but in comparison to RedHat and Mandrake distros of that time I was just very impressed by the simplicity and performance of it. Nowadays I’m using it as a virtual appliance like some other linux distributions.

A good read is always well accompanied by some nice chillout or ambient music. I’ve come accross a great alternative to Shoutcast radio service called RadioTuna which allows you to search for your favourite genre or artist and provides a list of radio stations that you can choose from. Just click the one you want and enjoy. I really like how it does just what it’s supposed to do and doesn’t distract you with anything else. Like Albert Einstein once said

Things should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.