As you may have already guessed, this is yet another tech blog by some guy on the interwebs. This is the 4th or maybe 5th (I’m not keeping count anymore) reincarnation of my blog. It’s a place where I try to write down and share some tidbits of information that I found useful at some point in time.

I develop software for a living. It’s a never-ending journey of exploring new things, re-discovering old and forgotten ones and adapting to an ever-changing landscape. But with each passing year, I’ve come to value simplicity and adaptability over quick yet elaborate solutions, even over perceived elegance (which is completely subjective).

Things in tech do move quickly, so some of the older write-ups are no longer relevant and some are outright embarrassing to look at. Nevertheless, I kept them all, as a reminder of the simpler times for myself and possibly others. Even though I try to keep things short and simple in the posts, I might go on an occasional rant.

The name’s Andrius, btw. You can find me on twitter or just leave a comment on one of the posts.