Free technical books and resources

Recently I’ve been thinking about how quickly technical books go out of date or sometimes just can keep up with the new versions of software constantly being released. I do like holding in my hands a nice printed book and enjoying the process of reading it, but for IT books it’s just a whole different story. You don’t usually need to read the entire book cover-to-cover, most often these books are used as references to help solve a specific problem. And after the solution is found they can lie there collecting dust for months if you don’t run into more trouble that would require you to open it up again. My point is that there are lots of great free books online and I decided to start my own little list of places where they can be found. Now I’m not saying that I know exactly where every little online book is or that it’s the list of the best of them. These are just some of the resources that I personally like. I don’t want to have a huge pile of downloaded books that l will never ever even start reading.