Profiling Firefox

OK, this is a simple one, but I sometimes forget, because usually you do it once on any computer and then don’t think about it. Firefox is a great browser and what’s even more great is that it allows you to create different profiles so you can have different configurations/add-ons/layouts for general browsing, web development, extension development, etc.  The first step is to create a new profile which can be done by typing

firefox.exe -profilemanager

I’m assuming here the windows environment, but it is supposed to work on any OS where Firefox runs. A dialog will apear allowing you to manager your profiles and set a default one. Note that for this to work you first have to close all Firefox instances. After you created your profile i.e. myProfile you can use it with a command

firefox.exe -P myProfile

Of course it’s a good idea to create shortcuts for your new Firefox profiles. There’s another thing you need to know if you want to run two Firefox instances with different profiles at the same time. Then you need to modify the command line to

firefox.exe -P myProfile -no-remote

That’s about it, the basics of Firefox profiling.